Highlighted Cases

Major repair to the 70-meter diameter thickener

Teck Andacollo Mine

Julio Monroy, Superintendent of Supply Chain, contacted us on March 23, 2015, to carry out the major maintenance of the 70-meter thickener.

Teck Andacollo had proposed a fabrication and repair time frame of between 45 and 90 days.

After conducting a field survey, SoldesP proposed 10 days of work once the work order was issued.

The project included: Fabrication, Structural Repair, Assembly, Maintenance, and Commissioning of the Thickener.


Our times were just 7 days for the fabrication, structural repair, assembly, maintenance, and commissioning of the equipment. Without causing any harm to people, the environment, or facilities.




EPCM Assembly Kumera Dryer

Chagres Foundry - Anglo American

We were requested to support the assembly of 3-meter diameter ducts belonging to the EPCM Project they were conducting. These ducts had to be connected to existing ducts during a 15-day maintenance period.

In a second request dated October 30, 2016, the Project Management of Anglo American, composed of Project Manager Mr. Roberto Parada, and General Management Mr. Pedro Reyes, asked us to take responsibility for the project’s completion, which had only 4 months left to be accepted by the Health SEREMI.

During the meeting, we proposed that to complete the project assembly of the KUMERA dryer, we estimated 4 months with 390 direct personnel plus the administrative team. Additionally, we integrated a team to gather and redo all the information that was not available. To meet the expected deadlines, the personnel were divided into shifts of 7×7, 5×2, day and night.

Effective execution time including Commissioning and Start-up. Delivery was completed in 3 months and 26 days with the plant operational. Four days before the visit from the Health SEREMI. During the expected timeframe, there was no harm to people, the environment, or facilities.

Continuation of Tailings Feed Construction

Las Tórtolas - Anglo American

The project management of Anglo American Las Tortolas requested our support to complete the project that was being executed by another company.

This project began on June 30, 2022, with a completion date of November 30, 2022.

The project involved earthmoving, installation of API 5L Grade 65 steel pipes, as well as HDPE pipes in various diameters, and the installation of a Drobox and all its pipe connections, along with electrical and instrumentation control of the equipment.

Direct personnel: 400.
Plus indirect personnel, working in shifts of 7×7, 5×2, day and night.

Project completed within the required timeframe and with zero accidents to people, the environment, or facilities, demonstrating SoldesP’s flexibility to carry out complex projects within limited timeframes.

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